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It's not unusual to suddenly have your day interrupted by a phone call from an irate guest demanding you immediately solve the problems they’re having with the toilets, trash, electrics, or any other number of issues. What's more, it becomes an even bigger problem if you don't live near your rental property; you can't simply jump in your car and drive to change a light bulb or a washer in a leaky faucet. Who will come out when one of the appliances or plumbing isn't working and the tenants cant figure it out?

We ensure a smooth running of your vacation rental and keeping your guests happy.

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Why Brampton Park Rentals?

As a property management company specializing in vacation homes and investment properties, Brampton Park Rentals are able to offer you a quick, easy and simple way to alleviate all of the stresses that come with of managing your vacation rental...

Where you can just sit back, relax and watch the rental revenue from South Florida's booming tourist market give you a healthy ROI on your property. 

We're able to work with you or if you prefer, take all the work out of your rental property, managing the process from initial inquiry and booking to the end of each guests' stay and beyond.

Our services include

Every aspect of managing your property, amongst others:


Customer service


Cleaning & Maintenance

Increasing your sales the right way

We strategically utilize property management marketing platforms to maximize successful bookings for our clients (we also help carefully select the right guests to stay in your property... people who will care for and value your home belongings) earning you increased revenue while freeing up your time. 
Also, if you've used a property management company in the past, we may even be able to even help you beat their previous revenue performance. 

If you're interested in discovering more about how we can take over the management of your vacation property, make you more money and eliminate all the headaches of managing it yourself, then all you have to do is call us on 561-221-1466 or fill out the contact form.

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Property owner testimonials

I have a home in Palm Beach County that I purchased in 2016. Our family has vacationed here most years and when it was time to buy, we had found a dream vacation home. The realtor who sold us the home also worked with me on getting some renters in when we were not using the home, but they were few and far between. I spoke to some management companies that specialized in vacation rentals and decided to work with Brampton Park Rentals. The change was instant, my home was booked more than it had ever been. What impressed me the most was how communicative they were and how simple they made the process. When I arrive myself, the home is arranged exactly how I like it and when I'm not there, I'm comfortable knowing it is being properly managed.

- Julie S.

As the leading vacation rental management company in this area, we love to see our area grow and develop.

Discover How We’ll Eliminate The Stress And Worry That Comes With Managing and Renting Your Vacation Home…